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Wood Picnic Tables

Wooden picnic tables are suitable for a wide range of uses. Often associated with parks and playgrounds, they are frequently seen in domestic gardens too.

Traditionally rectangular in shape, picnic benches usually provide seating for a minimum of 6 people. Despite their name, they are not usually portable. Rather, they are more likely to be permanently placed in a particular location.

This website takes a look at these popular products. Along the way, we stop to consider how they might be used by your own family. We also take a look at pricing and where you can buy them online. By shopping around, there's no reason why you can't pay up to 60% less for a picnic table than you may previously have imagined.

Modern Options

Popular uses

As has already been mentioned, these tables are found in all types of settings. Many people in the UK tend to associate them with pub beer gardens. This is certainly a popular use for them and many pub owners buy these products in large quantities, as you might imagine.

As a result of this, it makes sense for those buying in larger quantities to haggle a little on price. Why pay full price when you're buying bulk? The same applies to those buying for use in cafes, restaurants, canteens, playgrounds and parks.

Garden picnic tables

But how about if you're not looking to purchase on quite such a grand scale? Those of us buying for home use may not be able to take advantage of bulk buy discounts.

Whether you're looking at buy a wooden picnic table for home use, a pub bench for your commercial premises, or simply for some flexibility when it comes to dining outdoors, we hope that you'll find plenty of information here about picnic tables, garden tables and outdoor entertaining.

Despite this, there are ways that we can make savings. While picnic benches may seem expensive at a local garden centre or specialist shop, it's often possible to make significant savings by shopping online. Many online garden furniture retailers are able to offer reduced prices because they have lower overheads.

One key advantage of shopping online is that you'll also be able to compare prices quickly and easily. This means that you'll soon know whether you really are getting a great bargain when buying a picnic bench in this way.

As you read through the pages of this website, you'll notice that we do mention some individual retailers, manufacturers and current deals. We've tried to pull together plenty of information about these products.

We hope that you'll use this site as an initial guide, but nothing could ever be a complete substitute for your own research. As you become more knowledgeable about garden furniture, you'll be able to make some more informed buying decisions.

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